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Dmitry Gurovich

Mr. Gurovich is an alumni of the University of California at Los Angeles and Loyola Law School, where he emphasized the study of constitutional and criminal law.  Upon graduating law school and passing the California BAR Examination in 1995, Mr. Gurovich began his career in the Los Angeles area, handing hundreds upon hundreds of State and Federal criminal cases in California as well as numerous other states.  As a result of his success with criminal defense, many clients requested that the firm handle their Personal Injury cases as well. 

Mr. Gurovich is well respected by Judges, Prosecutors, other attorneys, and law enforcement alike. His dedication to his clients yields outstanding results. Mr. Gurovich and his partner Mr. Berk personally handle each and every case.  Your case will be in the hands of highly skilled, experienced and passionate attorneys.

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Elon Berk

Mr. Berk received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in human resource management.  Since the time he could remember, Mr. Berk was interested in the personal rights and freedoms afforded by this great country.  This was the reason Mr. Berk decided to pursue the study of law upon graduation from college.  He remained in the Los Angeles area and completed his legal studies at the Pepperdine University, School of law.  Mr. Berk began his legal career when he was hired by Mr. Dmitry Gurovich as a young associate in Mr. Gurovich’s growing legal practice. 

Within no time, the practice began to grow due to the dedication of both, Mr. Berk and Mr. Gurovich, in providing excellent services to numerous satisfied clients.  Mr. Berk has handled hundreds of State and Federal criminal cases in California as well as other states. 

Mr. Berk is highly regarded by judges, prosecutors and fellow attorneys due to his professionalism.  Mr. Berk’s dedication to each and every client is clearly evident in the outstanding results in every single case he is involved in.   Mr. Berk and his partner, Mr. Gurovich, personally handle each and every case.  Your case will be in the hands of highly skilled, experienced and passionate attorneys.

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Practice Areas

Automotive Defects

Automotive defects is a specialized field requiring attorneys, as well as experts with experience and knowledge.  Car manufacturers fight these cases tooth and nail.  Let Gurovich, Berk & Associates be the solution for your claim.  By combining a fundamental understanding of the big picture with the complexity of manufacturing and designing vehicles, we and our experts provide proactive solutions to a diversity of different types of claims.

Please call us at 818-205-1555

Vehicle Accidents

Car, truck and motorcycle accidents may appear simple at first glance, but actually are fairly complex.  From valuating a claim to knowing how to properly speak with an insurance adjuster, you need a professional on your side.  Remember, insurance companies are not in the business of paying every single claim.  Their goal is to save as much money for their company as possible and still be compliant with the law.  In other words, the less they pay you, the better their position.  At Gurovich, Berk & Associates we have the legal knowledge, skills, and experience to handle your car accident claim so that you are compensated to the maximum extent allowed by law.   We are proud to extend our professional services to you.

Please call us at 818-205-1555

Airplane Accidents

Thankfully airplane accidents do not happen often, but when they do, they tend to have very severe consequences. Out professional staff of attorneys and experts will guide you through this difficult period to make sure you receive every penny you are entitled to.

Please call us at 818-205-1555

Product Liability

We specialize in identifying and diagnosing a manufacturer's fault in designing and producing defective devices and other equipment.  We strive to assist our clients in covering medical expenses and emotional grief.  When we are involved in a case, we help our clients successfully resolve their case as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Please call us at 818-205-1555

Insurance Bad Faith

When insurance companies refuse to pay  a claim that they should, they may be acting in bad faith.  This is prohibited behavior in the State of California and is actionable under the law.  Our team of attorneys and experts will make sure to represent you to the highest standards possible in resolving your claim against the insurance company that is acting in bad faith.  We strive to successfully resolve each and every case as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Please call us at 818-205-1555

Wrongful Death

If someone you care about has died as a result of someone else's negligence, that negligent person can be required to pay compensation and may even be financially punished for their actions or inactions.  Please allow us to represent you in these difficult times.  No amount of money can bring back a person, but it can sure make the person responsible for this wrongful death feel it.  

Please call us at 818-205-1555

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Damages in CA Personal Injury Cases

Your recovery in a personal injury claim may include the following compensatory damages:

Medical Expenses: You may be entitled to any healthcare costs incurred as a direct result of the injury. These may include ambulance and emergency room expenses, hospital expenses and care, surgery, rehabilitation, and any other reasonable and necessary healthcare services. You also may be entitled to future medical care and expenses.            

Loss of Income: When you’re out of work, paying your bills becomes almost impossible after a while. As a result, you quickly built up a high level debt not to mention stress. You may be eligible to get compensation for lost income that stems from your injury, as well as any income you will lose in the future.

Property Damage: If your property was damaged in the accident, you can seek to recover, repair, or replace this property. 

Pain and Suffering: Personal injuries usually involve pain and suffering.  Some are minor.  Others are debilitating.  You may be entitled to considerable compensation for your pain, suffering and discomfort. 

Emotional Distress: Your personal injury also may have resulted in emotional distress to you in dealing with the injuries, the pain as well as the initial shock of the accident. You also may have witnessed the death or a catastrophic injury of a loved one. If that is the case, you may be able to recover financially for this emotional distress.

Loss of Consortium: This refers to a loss of marital relationship, care, intimacy and emotional support. A serious injury can affect you and your entire family. If an injury causes this type of loss you and your loved ones might be entitled to compensation.

Hedonic Damages: When a person loses their enjoyment in life, the ability to participate in favorite activities, or causes feeling of humiliation or inadequacy, he or she may be entitled to compensation.

If your case involves malice, fraud or oppression you also may seek punitive damages, which are designed to punish the defendant and to deter similar behavior in the future. 

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